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EnviroKleen® Series


Created in Midwest industrial Inc. laboratory the EnviroKleen® Series of Products includes EnviroKleen, EnviroKleen 2800, Arena Rx, and Diamond Dr.  each of these products contains their synthetic organic dust control® solution and t a specific polymer binder and each fits into a totally unique category of dust suppressant available only from Midwest. The "EnviroKleen® Series of Products" are the most environmentally safe dust control and soil stabilization solutions on the market.

The EnviroKleen® Series of Products meet the criteria for the term synthetic as established by the US EPA for sediment toxicity, biodegradability, PAH content, aquatic toxicity, and being oil-sheen free. EnviroKleen® provides longer-lasting performance and requires fewer applications than other dust control and surface-stabilization methods – regardless of season. EnviroKleen®’s synthetic fluid and polymeric binder interlock surface aggregate and fines together. As fines are generated, they are captured and locked into the system, preventing them from escaping as fugitive dust. EnviroKleen® remains actively effective on clay, sand, gravel, limestone, and most native soils regardless of the weather or how severe the traffic.



  • EPA ETV verified safe and effective
  • Certified non-corrosive by Boeing
  • Certified by Quebec BNQ
  • Colorless and odorless
  • Creates pavement-like strength; enhanced by traffic
  • Can be reworked without reapplication
  • Does not evaporate or leach out of the surface
  • Performs well at extreme temperatures
  • Readily biodegradable in natural environments


EnviroKleen® Series of Products are amazing  and work superbly well!

US Fish and Wildlife Service
Hagerman National Wildlife Refuge

EnviroKleen-Hagerman-Case-StudyMidwest Industrial Supply Video

US FWS LogoThe US FWS Mission is to Work with others to conserve, protect and enhance fish, wildlife and plants and their habitats for the continuing benefit of the American people.

Gravel Runway: Untreated
Vs EnviroKleen® Treated Runway

Community Road
Project with EnviroKleen®

Community-Road-Project-with-EnviroKleenMidwest Industrial Supply Video

Arena Rx

... Member of EnviroKleen Series of Midwest Products ...


Best in Class.

Longer lasting than other equestrian dust suppressants.  Does not evaporate or wash away. Clean, safe, pure. 

Many Amazing Things

Talk, share, and make decisions in open channels across your team, in private groups for sensitive matters, or use direct messages one-to-one.

Diamond Dr
... Member of EnviroKleen Series of Midwest Products ...




Talk, share, and make decisions in open channels across your team, in private groups for sensitive matters, or use direct messages one-to-one.

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