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Base Bldr Engineered Formula
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Base Bldr™

Base Bldr™ is an innovative-engineered system for use in the construction of riding arena bases. The Base Bldr™ stabilization system utilizes Soil Sement® Engineered Formula. As an alternative to hauling in materials to construct an arena base, or when onsite facts and circumstance warrant a viable alternative to customary base construction, then Base Bldr can achieve optimum quality and performance utilizing in-situ materials.

Applied topically or worked in and rolled depending of facts and circumstances unique to each application.  Let it dry, and see the results.


1.  Base Bldr™ was simply  topically sprayed onto the arena's in-situ native  base materials and allowed to soak in.  


3.  After brooming he was all done and the Base Bldr™ was then allowed to dry thereby creating a hardened base. 


2.  Just like a driveway, there was some minor puddling, so the Base Bldr™ was then broomed over the arena's base to even it out.  It was then allowed to dry and harden.  

4.a.  The simple foot stomp hardness test...

4. b.  A super strong and durable alternative for in-situ materials ! Consider this alternative... Consider it done. 


Base Bldr™

Base Bldr™ utilizing in-situ materials has been used to also harden native dirt in a variety of situations such as rural and rustic cowboy church floors and mechanical sheds where a hardened dust free surface is desirable.  For a fraction of the cost of concrete or asphalt, a farmer, a rancher, and now a homeowner  can have a tough and native soil durable surface.  The Base Bldr™ stabilization system utilizes Soil Sement® Engineered Formula technology where appropriate.  Alternatively,  one of the other Soil Sement® Engineered Formulations can and will be recommended if deemed more appropriate for a particular situation.  Regardless, all potential recommendations can be viable alternatives to hauling in expensive materials for your construction project to  achieve optimum quality and performance.

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