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Arena Rx® "Clean Air for Horse and Rider"
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Tired & Worried about Dirty Dust?


TIRED? Tired of dust like this? Tired of watering every few day? Tired of lugging around hoses and sprinklers, or continually filling water tanks and spraying every few day or even more often!  Tired of draining hoses in the winter?  Tired of that Nordic cold cave-like or hot stale humid-muggy feeling after watering? Upset when you overwater?  WORRIED?  Worried about using corrosive and toxic chemicals that really aren’t that inexpensive after-all? Worried about airborne dust related health issues? Worried about other knowns and unknowns?  SOLUTION TIME! How about never water again!  How about peace of mind instead of instead of worrying about product safety! How about more quality time with your horse instead! 


If so, Then Relax, Take a Clean, Deep Refreshing Breath and Enjoy This!

There is only one solution whose base fluid and polymer binder system has been independently verified by the US EPA as environmentally safe and clean. 

Fugitive dust can be reliably controlled! A dust free riding environment is desirable and achievable in nearly every situation. No more dust. No more watering. Arena Rx® “Clean Air for Horse and Rider”™ with its unique polymer binder eliminates dust and does not freeze, even down to minus 35 degrees Fahrenheit. Ultra clean and safe.  Nontoxic and non-corrosive. Eliminate your watering chore forever. Consistent footing day after day season after season.

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Arena Rx® "Clean Air for Horse and Rider"™ is U.S. EPA Verified

Arena Rx® "Clean Air for Horse and Rider"™ is the ONLY equestrian dust suppressant verified by the United States Environmental Protection Agency as pure, clean and safe for the environment.  This testing is 2 -20 times more stringent than competitor brands.  And, ONLY Arena Rx® contains a proprietary polymer binder that adds strength and durability to the footing material so it lasts longer than other manufactures' products. Easy to apply Arena Rx® is used indoors and outdoors. Arena Rx® is stable, non-acidic, non-corrosive and non-toxic to humans, animals, marine life and plants. It does not freeze in cold climates or wash away with rain. Arena Rx® can eliminate fugitive airborne dust thereby minimizing dust-related respiratory health risks thereby enabling equine athletes to attain peak health and performance.

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With Arena Rx®... No More Dust!
NEVER water again!
Plus Arena Rx does not evaporate.


Besides being US EPA verified as safe and clean for the environment, Arena RX® "Clean Air for Horse and Rider"™ eliminates watering forever!  PROBLEM: If you currently water your arena, then you know the definitions of “temporary,” “change,” and “laborious.”  Usually, water is not free.  There are expenses with pumping, filling tanks, transporting, applying and if it's metered water, well that monthly bill too.  And if you use water for dust control then you know what the wet-damp-dry cycle really means.  SOLUTION:  So, instead of watering, save your time and energy for more important things. Instead of lugging around hoses and sprinklers, or hitching up and filling the water wagon and then sprinkling which again lasts only a day or two, then it's a relief to know that when Arena Rx® is used it does not evaporate!  That's right, Arena Rx® does not evaporate so fugitive airborne dust is restrained and contained.  With Arena Rx® your footing remains consistent day-in, day-out, and from season to season throughout the year.

Silica Dust Particles are Hazardous
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Arena Rx® Provides Consistent Footing

Once you've eliminated the laborious watering  chore and the "continuously changing temporary wet-damp-dry cycle" is gone then what remains is a consistent day-in, day-out,  from season to season throughout the year consistent footing.  Arena Rx’s® molecularly engineered fluid and the polymer binder are designed to absorb into and adsorb over each individual footing particle.


Together the synergy adds weight and strength to each footing particle, minimizes particle abrasion / scuffing, and counteracts the negative effects of gravity. This means that Arena Rx® remain in direct contact with each individual footing particle longer than generic or enhanced mineral oils while ensuring resilient footing, excellent traction and without any stickiness ovr tracking. 


not just a nuisance it can cause severe health hazards, which although potentially treatable are incurable. Unlike the generic or enhanced mineral oils the true fully synthetic Arena Rx®’s chemically altered molecular structure is engineered to both absorb and adsorb thus improving footing material consistency, resilience (cushioning), traction and the unique polymer tackifier binder adds additional strength to the footing material. With Arena Rx®“Clean Air for Horse and Rider”™, horses, riders, spectators and trainers can work, play, observe and train in comfort and safety. Arena Rx® is great for arenas, round pens, stalls, runs… anywhere dust is a problem.

Arena Rx® "Clean Air for Horse and Rider" is Clean, Safe, Does Not Evaporate or Wash Away w/ Rain or Snow

Polymer bindered Arena Rx® is a chemically altered fully synthetic isoalkane (synthetic light paraffin) that is non-alkaline and non-acidic, it is non-corrosive, non-toxic and non-hazardous. Never water again! Temperature, humidity, and rain are non-factors. Arena Rx® does not wash away or dilute in rain events. Arena Rx® is long-lasting dust control.

However, it is inevitable, that with use the footing material will unfortunately breakdown over time causing more smaller finer and lighter particles with greater surface areas per volume that can become airborne dust. Based upon the amount  and the type of use when dust the footing endures, when dust first begins to reappear then a lower dose maintenance application of Arena Rx® will revitalize and renew the footing keeping the area once again dust free.   In general, an original application should last between eight and 14 months before a lighter maintenance application is needed.


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Relax and Enjoy Your Equestrian Life

  • Arena Rx® is non-toxic to humans, animals and aquatic/marine life.
  • Arena Rx® is safe for the environment… it contains absolutely NO SALT so it is noncorrosive and non-toxic.
  • Arena Rx® is especially recommended for environmentally sensitive areas where water and soil contamination must be avoided!
  • Independently verified by the United States Environmental Protection Agency (US EPA), Arena Rx® is clean and safe for the environment!
  • In dust control, independent verification is very important and the US EPA is considered the “Gold Standard” especially since self-verifications are suspect and not all independent verifications are alike.
  • Midwest submits its products for independent verification that are 2 to 20 times more stringent than its competitors.

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