Q: Is Arena Rx® “Clean Air for Horse and Rider”™ safe for horses, people, the environment and equipment?

November 1, 2015 Jim Goodyear



  • Arena Rx® is a safe, clean, colorless, odorless, highly refined, and purified synthetic fluid. When used as directed, Arena Rx® has no adverse health effects to people, terrestrial animals, aquatic/marine life or equipment. It contains NO salts and is chloride-free. Beyond normal hygiene, no special precautions are required.
  • Arena Rx’s® base fluid and a polymeric binder system have both been independently approved by the United States Environmental Protection Agency’s Environmental Technology Verification Program (which is considered “the gold standard” when it comes to determining whether a product is safe for the environment).
  • Arena Rx® is not a controlled substance under OSHA or WHMIS and has no exposure limits.
  • Unlike some manufactures products that are acidic or others products that are considered toxic and corrosive or even some oils, the extensive acute and chronic toxicity testing data conclusively shows that Arena Rx® does not induce a toxic reaction when it is exposed to skin, eyes or lungs.
  • Arena Rx® is also biodegradable under both aerobic and anaerobic conditions. Rigorous quality assurance control at every stage of the manufacturing process ensures the consistency of Arena Rx® “Clean Air for Horse and Rider”™.
  • Midwest’s E-family products (Arena Rx®, Diamond Doctor®, EnviroKleen® and EK35®) have been independently verifed and Midwest’s submits its products for testing that are 2-20 times more stringent than competitors.